About Us


Our Approach

We are a dye sublimation and DTG print house just like you. We uses our press machines that we sell  on a daily basis.  We know what you want and need on a press machine.  We want to have a reliable and good price press machines for the small business people like us.

Our Story

We have been doing dye sublimation for over 14 years.  We started from our little 30" x 38" flat bed heat to press to our roll to roll heat press. So, we have gone through all the trail and errors with all of these machines.  So, we know what type of machines is best for dye sublimations or DTG printing.  We uses it everyday at our shop. We have input a lot of features and design to make our machines better than our competitor.

Meet the Team

We are a small company that does dye sublimations and DTG Printing just like you. We encounter many daily issues like you. We strive to make our machines to work for daily uses for Dye Sublimation and DTG printing.


Regan McCook

Founder & CEO


Eric Teagan

Vice President


Timothy Barrett


Next Steps...

Call us at 626-262-4035 for more information on our products